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Real Estate Buyer services will help you find your dream family home, restoring your weekends & leisure time. By Sifting through the numerous potential properties available every day, we weed out the unsuitable properties that whilst look fantastic in photos on the internet, may not reflect the actual property & help you find the real worth of a property in today’s market. You will fully realise your purchasing power by using our knowledge to help take the confusion out of the buying process. We complete the negotiation for you so you don’t have to worry.


Where do you want your home to be? > Close to child care, schools or universities > walk to public transport > access to CBD or regional employment areas > nearby doctors and hospitals > access to entertainment > close to beach or county > want to know what the neighbourhood is like? > looking for a community to be part of? All your needs are at top of mind when sourcing your perfect home




Searching for a property can be both very time consuming and difficult when you are time poor. You could certainly be missing out on properties which match your criteria and personal goals. Trawling the internet for a for a few hours a handful of times a week is not necessarily the best method of searching for your best investment vehicle. We are on the ground searching daily, ready to be first in line for viewings and have contacts which let us know when new properties or silent listings come on the market.


Part of most Investor’s strategy includes the needs of a long term tenant, someone who will provide the income required and to care for the property. Who is your target tenant? Families > elderly > professional couples > singles > holiday rentals.


We can help you identify the most likely areas each of these tenants would prefer to live in. We can also provide you with a rental appraisal so you can base your investment figures around an informed opinion.


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Overseas Buyers

No matter where you are located in the world Real Estate Buyer Services will go that extra mile to be your local buyer’s agent. Whether you are looking to come home to your ideal family home or investing in Australian property, we can help you choose wisely to achieve the best possible outcome for your needs whilst living remotely.


Selling Real Estate agents are masters of marketing, their photography and property enhancements provide a glossy image of a property whilst minimising any negatives, for example: the dividing fence may be the wall of the property next door, or there may be a large two storey property overlooking your backyard and entertainment area, or maybe the neighbours from hell live next door.


Avoid these expensive mistakes using your own buyer’s agent to provide a full picture of the property you wish to purchase


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Self Managed Super Funds - SMSF

If you have decided to use Property as your investment tool within a self managed super fund, we can help you find that specific property as advised by your Financial Planner.


Let us know what you are looking for and we will use our professional buying and negotiating skills to help you add your required properties to your Portfolio. Our aim is to provide you with a stress free purchase experience to help you with your future financial plans. We can also help source property management to maximise your returns.