Who Are You Buying Property For?

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Purchasing an Investment Property is a Big Deal!

There is a lot of talk about what is the best location, capital growth, and yield when purchasing a rental property, but have you thought of who is going to be living in the property?

A tenant needs to find your property desirable enough to want to live there.

So it’s important to consider what tenants you are buying for:

  • The small or large family, that want to be near schools and be part of the community
  • The empty nesters who don’t want a lot of yard maintenance, so they can travel frequently
  • The first-timers, just moving out of home and wanting to be close to the cafes and shops
  • Professionals who want to be close to transport and entertainment.

Check the demographics for the area you are thinking of purchasing in to see what would be the most suitable tenants for the properties provided. For example, lots of units with surrounding eateries. What is the average age of the population? Are there many primary and secondary schools to choose from? What is the transport like for entertainment or higher education?

Choosing your ideal tenant can help you choose the property which is right for them. This can help you gain longer-term tenants as the location and property features are keeping them happy.

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We have a range of services designed to help you navigate buying property with ease. With over 30 years of experience doing what we love – everything real estate! – you’re in the very best hands!

Property Advisory Services in Brisbane and Moreton Bay

Property Advisory Services

Our Qualified Property Investment Advisors work with you to create a tailored plan for the first property and the next.

Helping you choose the investing strategies which suit your current circumstances and your expected future prosperity.

These plans are then reviewed on an annual basis to give you the best chance of success.

Buyer's Agents Services

Purchasing a property should be a great experience!

From initial searching to settlement, our aim is to present only the best properties fulfilling your criteria.

We Purchase for:

  • Home Buyers
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  • Full Buyer Service (all done for you)
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  • Vendor Advocate
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Buyer's Agent Services by Real Estate Buyer Services
Property Management Services with Real Estate Buyer Services in Brisbane and Moreton Bay

Property Management Services

Property managers are your partner in wealth creation.

Our job is to help you get to the next goal, whilst increasing your wealth through passive property investment and keeping your investment in great condition.

We are business owners and award-winning Property Managers who have been managing property portfolios for over 30 years. With quality, long-term tenants who stay with us for two to three years (on average), you enjoy excellent peace of mind and consistent rental income. 

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