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Last week we investigated reasons to buy close to the CBD. Today we will look at Regional areas and some of the elements that are attractive to this type of investment.


Regional is usually thought of as small, isolated and rural, however it is any area outside of the Metropolitan Area. Satellite Cities are created further out from the CBD with multiple estates creating an urban spread. Suburbs like Qld’s Kallangur used to be like visiting ‘the country’ with small populations and facilities. It was the dream purchase to buy the 1/4-acre block and raise the kids as part of a Community.


Satellite Cities are now being built in Regional areas. Suburbs like North Lakes in Moreton Bay and Aura on the Sunshine Coast balance growing populations with new infrastructure and affordable housing suitable for these larger populations that can work and play in the one area without the need for long travel distances to earn a living.


Historically the main worry purchasing into a Regional area was the closure of the key main industry, now with these cities there are various sources of employment. Tim Lawless from CoreLogic suggests looking for markets where the unemployment rate is below 4% and the labour force comprises of least 10,000 people.


Mandy’s 8 reasons to buy property in Regional Area’s

  1. Community.

People love to feel connected and needed. In Regional towns it is more common to talk to your neighbours, get involved in groups and generally be part of the community and make friends.

  1. Affordability.

Regional towns depending on the size can be very affordable. In the Satellite Cities all home sizes and budgets are catered for.

  1. Higher Yield.

Regional area rental yields can vary from approximately 5% to 10%+ yield, making holding property in the long term more viable.

  1. Employment

Economic conditions and Employment hubs are changing the way we do business and the new census has shown over time Regional areas are moving to more Professional jobs

  1. Buy 2 not 1.

Instead of spending all your money purchasing one property in the CBD, with Regional areas you could spend that money purchasing two properties. Spreading any risk.

  1. Transport.

You will still need your car in most Regional areas for transport, however some of the larger Suburbs have great bus and train transport.

  1. Choose your brand-new home.

This is a strong draw card! To be able to plan and create the home of your dreams on larger land and closer to schools, is creating your own little piece of paradise.

  1. Depreciation.

Since the recent changes only brand-new properties offer the greatest amount of Depreciation to help you pay it off faster.




Jo and Nigel were living overseas when they wanted to move to the Moreton Bay Region. They have small children so needed to be close to a school, four bedrooms so visitors could come and stay and wanted some space for the all-important swimming pool. We found exactly what they wanted, and they have now settled quickly and happily into work, school and community.


“Hi Mandy, I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did to help us find and secure our new house. Looking for a house from overseas would have been very difficult for us, but you made this process easy. We were very lucky to be able to visit a shortlist of properties with you and found your local knowledge very helpful. You proved to be invaluable when it came to negotiation and writing the contract. You arranged all the pre-purchase checks, attended these and gave us detailed feedback. Thank you for taking the stress out of finding our new house.”



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