Property Management

Protecting your assets for future wealth

For most of our investors, a property purchase is for a long term investment.

Investment property needs toRental Ready Property be cared for in a particular manner including:  


We know how to keep your property earning income year after year, and we help you by providing:              

  •  Property updates and maintenance
  •  Desirable to tenants for regular rental income
  •  Priced for the current market with regular pricing reviews
  •  Correct legislation is enforced to protect the Landlord eg: Fire, Health and Safety requirements
  •  Arrears management
  •  Diligent tenant selection
  •  Positive lease negotiation
  •  Proactive inspections  and
  •  Comprehensive financial reporting and management.  
  • Opportunites to increase your property portolio                                                                                  Download
  • A team of professionals to help you grow your asset base

Award winning Property Managers with specialist knowledge in Residential,

Commercial, Industrial and Retail properties gives you a wealth of knowledge at

your service.


As investors ourselves we understand what you want and need in a Property Management service. 

We provide a comprehensive service under the experienced eye of the Principal of the buiness and award

winning Property Manager.


For a copy of our service guarantee, please enquire directly.


Let us take the time and hassle out of managing your property