Property Investment Strategy Advice

Property Investment Strategy Advice


What strategy should you use? It can be a daunting question. If you ask a number of investors you will be given a multitude of different answers but what worked for them may not work for your situation.


As a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA) and Independent Buyers Agency, we work exclusively for you the buyer to find a strategy and a property that is right for you and your current circumstances and we have purchased various types of properties for numerous clients over the years.


Our clients all had differing ideas on what strategy is best however giving them further information on what is available opened their eyes to more opportunites. Without the right strategy in place, looking for a property can be largely hit and miss and this is risking what may be your biggest financial decision.


Providing you with a Written Plan - Statement of Advice. We look at your current position, what you want to achieve and provide property education as required. We will then provide you with recommendations and an action plan to show you how the investment strategy recommended will assist you to achieve your goals.


This property plan will also disclose all fees and commissions and may include properties of interest with projections for income, deductions and possible tax benefits. Time period for debt repayment and forecasts with an action list for further timed purchases. Recommendations can be made for property Management and future investment strategy.