A bit about us

A bit about us

 "Purchasing a Property should be a Pleasant Experience".

Mandy Gladwin

Mandy has been in the property industry for 26 years and a fully licensed Real Estate Agent for 23 years. A dedicated investor she purchased her first property at 21 and has been fully licensed agent within NSW, Victoria and Queensland. During this time, she has completed every role within the property industry. 

 With an enquiring mind Mandy has furthered her education studying Business Management, Interior Design and Urban Development and Property Investment Advisory so you know you can trust you are dealing with a professional. 

 With over 13 years in Property Management, as Senior Property Manager Mandy has mentored and trained the property management department and a team of three to manage over 600 properties. Her due diligence and customer service in her role won her the award of ‘Best Commercial Property Manager’ within the Ray White group Internationally. 

Jeff Gladwin

Jeff Gladwin is a passionate property investor and understands the importance of having a professional property management team on your side. 

Jeff brings a wealth of organisational skills to the Business, he is dedicated to exceptional customer service and stringent with safety and legislation. 

 Property Management is the fine balance of keeping all parties in a happy respectful business relationship. it is an exciting time for both a new landlord and new tenant to move into their property, made easier with the guiding hand of a professional property manager

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