Case Study:

Moving to Australia

Moving from New Zealand to Australia can be a daunting task. Josephine did not want to rent when she got here and needed her children to be within the chosen school zone. Wanting a minimum of fuss and someone that had the knowledge of how to buy a property in Australia, knew the schools they were choosing from and first-hand knowledge of the area was a must.

Working with the local agents, gave us great information and I was able to make a selection of properties in both of the suburbs that Josephine had picked. From here they flew over to inspect the properties and it was a pleasure to meet them and share in the excitement of the journey.

One particular property caught Josephine’s heart and had the swimming pool promised to the children. Negotiations then started and Josephine was on the edge of her seat, but I was confident with the pricing and conditions we achieved, and she was very relived. Well done Josephine for trusting in the process it was a pleasure to work with you.

“Hi Mandy, I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did to help us find and secure our new house. Looking for a house from overseas would have been very difficult for us, but you made this process easy. We were very lucky to be able to visit a shortlist of properties with you and found your local knowledge very helpful. You proved to be invaluable when it came to negotiating and writing the contract. You arranged all the pre-purchase checks, attended these and gave us detailed feedback. Thank you for taking the stress out of finding our new house.”


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