Budget measures would be "huge opportunity" for 1st home buyers.



Master builders affordability report



The 2017-18 Federal Budget delivers a significant investment in infrastructure, and endeavours to directly address the factors which are preventing a more efficient supply of housing.


Master Builders Australia has released report  - Unlocking Supply, Keeping homeownership within reach of all Australians.  "The report analyses the $75 billion infrastructure package, including the $1 billion National Housing Infrastructure Facility, using modelling from Cadence Economics to determine what it means for the community, economy and the construction sector," said Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia.


The report found that the housing affordability and supply measures would provide:

  • 93,000 additional new homes for Australians and downwards pressure on house prices.
  • A $4.5 billion boost to construction industry activity
  • A $3.1 billion extra for households
  • A $2 billion boost for GDP

"The budget infrastructure and housing affordability provide a huge opportunity to build the new homes needed to keep home ownership within reach. But this and the other economy-wide benefits can only be achieved with the co-operation of the Parliament and Master builders Calls for the infrastructure and housing affordability (bills) to be passed without delay.' said Ms Wawn.